Slots and Gambling Regulations in the UK

Gambling is something people have been doing for ages and is not novel by any means. The UK is also not a novel country and when you combine the two you get tradition which was updated to match the current gambling laws and regulations.

What does this mean for the gambler? Well, that you can gamble without many prohibitions, most notably a minimum age requirement, though that applies to any country where gambling is legal. Slot machines are also legal as well as online gambling. Before moving on to the details regarding the UK’s regulations, here is a Cozino coupon code where you get 50 pounds worth of online gambling funds.

Here is what you need to know before you gamble or open a business in the UK.

Gambling Regulations in the UK

First and foremost, any gambling in the UK must be regulated by its license. There are many licenses available and all are obtainable through the Gambling Commission. Take note that bingo, betting, lotteries, casino games, gaming machines (such as slot machines and the like), as well as gambling software all have their own separate license. Failing to obtain one and running a business is considered illegal, as well as any forms of advertising within the UK. Online sites need a license as well. That license, however, depends on the territory where they are based and is not tied to the UK Gambling Commission licenses.

All businesses related to gambling are taxed at 15% of their gross profit, if they are licensed by the UK. Online sites are taxed according to their own territory’s license and government.

Who can Gamble and When?

In the UK, sports betting has been a tradition and has continued to be one. For example, betting on football is allowed since age 16. lotteries are also allowed to people age 16 and up, the same goes for scratchcards.

When it comes to casinos and gaming machines of any type, the minimal age is 18. It is forbidden for any person under the age of 18 to enter any gambling licensed place with a notable exception of licensed family entertainment centers.

Bookmakers are very popular in the UK and are far more numerous than in the US, for example. Horse racing, football and greyhound races are very notable in the UK when it comes to betting. You can bet on any other sport, whether at a local bookmaker or online, depends solely on your preference. Gambling in the UK is allowed and regulated as it is considered part of a tradition as well as a very profitable source of income.

Following the rules should be your first priority. Making sure that you are of a required legal gambling age to participate in the various gambling activities is the first thing on the list. The next ones are responsible gambling, no matter which type you choose as your favorite activity.

Whether you go for slot machines or online blackjack, know that you can gamble in the UK legally, if you’re over 18, for football, lotteries and scratchcards.

Are These Games Slot Machines – Florida Court Takes a New Case

In Florida, slot machines are forbidden due to a regulation. This, however does not include the reservations on the territory of Florida. That means that you can have casinos in Florida, namely on the reservation territories, such as that of the Seminole tribe, notably the largest territory. While gambling and sports betting is not allowed in most of the cities in Florida, those on reservation territories do have casinos and offer a variety of gambling opportunities.

That, however does not mean that all games are considered legal. Not long ago, tabletop games have been considered to be slot machine games due to a randomness factor that they incorporate. These games are produced by Blue Sky Games and are considered by various critics including the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to be slot machines as they are based on random number generators.

The defending attorney claims otherwise. Here are more details on the case.

Slots or Tabletop Games?

A slot machine game is considered any device, electronic or otherwise which takes forms of payments and is then able to operate. It does not matter whether it is based on chance or the player’s skill. The tabletop games in question are considered slots because the outcome of the game is unpredictable to the player and falls under the definition of random. This, however is not completely true as the defense argues.

The games in question show the player the outcome of the game, thus removing any random factor. This, however, is only present in the first game, leading to the main issue of this three-year long court case.

Whether it is a single game or a series of games will ultimately determine the court’s view of these tabletop games.

The state argues that the entire series of games in unpredictable to the player, even though one game is. That, in turn should classify it as slot machine game, the results of which are always unpredictable to the player.

The defense argues that whether it should be viewed as a single game or a multitude of games is really nitpicking. The defense attorney Bryan DeMaggio noticed that the game’s randomness is removed due to the player knowing the outcome of the game. “He can walk away at any time. He doesn’t have to play,” the attorney added.

Judge James Wolf pitched in by saying that “It comes down to whether we can consider the entire course of the play or one particular game.”

In the end, whether the game is considered a slot machine game or a tabletop game rests on the decision whether the tabletop game is a single game or a series of games.

New Jersey Starts Accepting Sports Betting

New Jersey gambling fans rejoice as state officials have recently passed and signed a law making sports betting legal. Local casinos, like the new Party Casino NJ, and racetracks, like the Monmouth Park track, have now started accepting sports bets.

This important step taken by New Jersey not only allows sports fans to wager on their favorite teams but also provides the state with a new source of revenue. And the move could not come at a better time considering the World Cup has just started and football is by far the most popular sport in the world.

Casino and horse racing industries have been struggling for years in many US states, precisely because there were few possibilities to back them financially. Now, after a legal battle that lasted more than six years, there is finally a legal ground to monetize people’s interest in gambling and horse racing.  

The United States Supreme Court has found that the 1992 federal law that had banned commercial sports wagering in most US states is unconstitutional. Nevada had been, for years, the only state where sports betting was legally allowed.

Though its neighbor Delaware opened the betting window earlier, the fact that New Jersey has now started accepting wagers too is of historic importance because it’s the first state where sports betting had been prohibited since the Supreme Court’s decision that passed the modified law.

What bettors need to know is that, in New Jersey, legal sports betting is allowed for most professional and collegiate sporting events, but people cannot place wagers on high-school or collegiate sporting events organized within the New Jersey borders or involving New Jersey-based teams. So college sports betting is allowed only if the game you want to bet on involves outside teams and is not played in New Jersey.

The very first wagers were placed on Thursday, June 14, when Governor Phil Murphy, a sports betting supporter who signed the proposed bill into law, broke the ice with his own bet at Monmouth Park’s William Hill sportsbook.

Many of you are probably wondering who will be offering betting services in New Jersey. Well, Monmouth Park and Borgata in Atlantic City, for starters, but it’s safe to say that many other sportsbooks will soon follow suit and start operations later in June or in July. At the moment, it seems that gaming facilities are waiting for the implementation of betting regulations and a clear taxation scheme.

Basically, the majority of the authorised properties in Atlantic City, along with the three racetracks – Monmouth Park, Freehold and The Meadowlands – will be able to offer sports betting in New Jersey.

Bets can be placed on pretty much any current or future sporting event, including MLB games, The World Cup, The US Open, Upcoming UFC bouts, Wimbledon, upcoming NFL games, and more.

The first sports betting sites and applications are due to launch later this summer, though, given that online betting will only be possible 30 days after the law has come into force. However, keep in mind that the state expressed its intention to ask for a 13% tax on online bets, versus an 8.5% tax on in-person bets.

Besides Delaware and New Jersey, several other states have already passed laws to lift the ban on sports wagering, including Pennsylvania, Mississippi, West Virginia and New York.

Cash Stampede

Gamblers who prefer enjoying some gaming entertainment in the online world over visiting brick and mortar casinos will find a lot of fun online casino games at Harrah’s Online Casino, along with a great customer service and well thought-out gaming practices for responsible betting. And to make the experience even more enjoyable, you can use Harrah’s Casino Promotion Code, which will bring you a lot of benefits. Just go check it out.

For those who feel most comfortable at home, offers a massive selection of casino games like roulette, video poker, blackjack, slots and other card and table games. One of these games is Cash Stampede which, let me warn you, it’s an addictive slot game.

Cash Stampede is an exciting game developed by NextGen Gaming, offering you a chance to win with every spin. It has 5 reels and there are no less than 243 ways to win. You can spin the reels for 25p to £50, and you could walk away a rich man at the end of the day.

And though stampeding animals would normally bode disaster in the real world, in Cash Stampede they could make you a millionaire.

The game is set in the arid plains of Africa and all you have to do to get rewards is capture five animals stampeding across those plains during the night. The types of animals included in the game are elephants, buffalos, rhinos, horses and antelopes, all with the same win potential.

The most exciting feature of the game is Cash Stampede Re-Spins, which is triggered by any win with wild symbol. If another triggering symbol appears in that re-spin, you get another re-spin, and so on until you don’t get any animal or wild symbols. Meanwhile, your wins increase as more symbols join the stampede.

There is also a Free Games feature, which is activated if three gold Bonus scatter symbols show up anywhere on the reels. When this feature is triggered, you get 8 free spins, with the wild remaining sticky on the middle of the third reel, giving you increased chances of triggering the re-spins feature.

When it comes to its visuals, Cash Stampede has excellent graphics, with a rather dark background, which adds to the intensity of the game. The soundtrack is also intense and adds to the sense of grandness the entire game oozes.

The best part about playing slots online is that you can open them and begin playing immediately, from the comfort of your couch. So if you want to have fun and try your luck at winning huge rewards, give Cash Stampede a chance. It’s available to play on desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Starburst Slot Review

If you like simple, old-school slots, Starburst is for you. It’s a NetEnt video slot with 10 paylines and 5 reels. It’s been around for a long time and is among one of the most popular online slots ever. Starburst’s straightforward rules make it great for newbie gamblers.    

Another good thing about this slot is that casinos often offer free spins on Starburst as a welcome bonus. For example, this BGO promo code offers 10 free spins on Starburst as a welcome bonus for a minimum deposit of only £10 at BGO casino, and up to 50 free spins for a deposit of £50.

Starburst symbol is the only wild in the game and it only shows up on reels 2, 3, and 4. When one or more wilds appear on either of the middle three reels, the Starburst Wild feature is triggered. Starburst wild substitutes for all symbols, expanding to cover the entire reel, while the other reels re-spin. If a new wild comes up during a re-spin, it too expands to cover the reel alongside any previously expanded Starbursts, triggering another re-spin. The re-spin feature ends when there are no new Starburst wilds during a re-spin. Since there are three reels on which Starbursts can appear after a re-spin, the game allows for a maximum of 3 re-spins.

Flashy and colourful graphics are combined with peaceful background music, for an enjoyable visual and auditory experience.

You can win both ways, meaning that the winning line pays both from left to right and from right to left, which actually makes Starburst a 20 payline slot.

Other symbols, starting from the most valuable include: golden BAR, lucky seven, yellow, green, red, purple and blue diamonds.

You can alter the number of paylines played as well as adjust your bet level. By clicking on the “Coin Value” button you can change the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 1.

Just like with every regular video slot, you push “Spin” to start, and there are also “Max Bet” and “Autoplay” options.

There are no games within a game and no other special features that can be triggered, which can make gameplay a bit dull and repetitive after a while. Nevertheless, what makes this game so attractive is that big wins can happen fairly often. When a wild appears, which happens regularly, you can get a return 10 or 15 times as high as your bet. Although, triggering second and third re-spin doesn’t happen very often, when it happens you can win around x100 or x200 your bet and leave with a big plus. Landing a rare combo of three expanded wilds leads to huge winnings in range of x500 your bet and possibly higher.

All in all, Starburst is a nice, classical slot with decent winning opportunities even when you are placing small bets. We definitely recommend trying it out!

Slots and bonus codes – how to activate and make the best of them

Online slots are some of the most popular online casino games and all gambling venues offer them. They give bonuses to players in order to make them sign up or play more. There are all sorts of terms and conditions though.

For example, this US Online Casino Bonus Code is available to players who live in the US. That’s why you have to read the fine print before accepting a bonus. If you have never used such a bonus code before, this is your chance to learn because we’ll teach you how it works.

The main steps are: you find a code, read the requirements, meet the condition necessary to receive the code, paste or write the code in a designated field, click submit, and then you enjoy the benefits of the bonus you have just received.

We recommend to copy and paste the code instead of typing it into the required field. This saves you from frustration and unnecessary mistakes. Sometimes you only get to introduce a code once and you might miss the bonus if you type it wrong.

You should know that many bonuses don’t actually require a code made of letters and numbers to unlock the bonus. For those situations, the sequence goes like this: enter the page of the online casino providing the bonus, read the requirements, meet the condition to unlock it, enjoy the benefits of the bonus.

Here are a few examples of such codes: WEL300 might stand for getting $300 after your first deposit, FRIEND50 might mean you get $50 for each friend you refer to this casino, or XMAS500 might bring you $500 if you make a deposit around Christmas. The requirements and benefits are clearly stated near any code so don’t worry, you’ll know what it means and what you have to do for it.

There are two main types of bonus codes: those that are deposit bounded and those that require no deposit. The most common ones that require an actual code fall under the second category because deposit bonuses are usually granted automatically upon completing the transaction.

So, where are you most likely to enter these deposit bonuses? In the game for which the bonus applies or at a so called Offers/Bonuses tab under the My Account section. Some offers are actually emailed to you and all you have to do is click the link from the email and you’ll be redirected to the page where you have to write the code if any.

The other option is to copy and paste the code from the email on the page they tell you to. The codes will definitely appear in a bold colour or at least in a big font size, so don’t worry, you won’t miss it. Besides, the email subject will sound something like “get your free $100 right now.”

Mind the “expiration” date though. Most codes are valid for a limited period of time to induce a sense of urgency, to make the user feel special about catching a certain bonus and of course to not give out a lot of money for free at once.  That’s why you have to read the terms and conditions carefully, not to mention money bonuses are not available for withdrawal per se. You have to wager it for a specific number of times to convert it into real funds.

Ted 2017 Slot Review

Based on the comedy movie with the same name from 2012, Blueprint has released at the beginning of March 2017 this cool slot game. Ted slot game manages to bring the character of the funny bear into the gameplay which all takes place in his home where he lays on a couch near empty beer cans.

The slot game has five reels with three rows and twenty paylines. As symbols the most important ones are of course Ted which is the wild symbol and will replace all others to form winning combos except for the Thunder Buddies bonus icon. Other important symbols are John’s girlfriend Lori, a swan, some bottles of beer, a bong and the game’s logo which can appear stacked on the reels. The lower value symbols are the J, Q, K and A.

The game is fun to play, Ted’s voice is exactly the same as in the movies. He will create a connection with the player by sharing life wisdom, will make pop culture references from all corners of the United States, and even curse at the player from time to time. But that’s nothing to be offended because the main aspect of this slot game is to have fun and laugh with this crazy bear.

The bonus features are quite interesting and keep the spirit of the movie. There is a bonus feature called Thunder Buddies Bonus triggered by landing three or more of this symbol which will bring the player to spin the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune will award one of five features like: Wheel of Fartune in which Ted will reveal an arrow, multiplier boost or spin and play the Wheel to get the Big Money bonus. The Big Money awards at least one large multiplier of the player’s total bet. There are three other awards: the Flash Free Spins, Super Mart Free Spins and the Bar Crawl Bonus.

A cool feature of the game is that Ted can wake up from sleeping in the base game to award one one of the six mini-features like the Laser Gun Wilds in which Ted fires a laser at the symbols to turn them wild, the Psychedelic Super Spin, the Beer Streak, the Psychedelic Colossal Spin, the TV Remote Symbol Streak, and the Psychedelic Bonus Boost, which all make the game so rich in bonuses and awards!

This is a very good video slot game to play having so many bonuses and mini-games lead by Ted, the funny bear, and it has an RTP of 95.81%.

Golden Mane 2017 Slots Review

Golden Mane is a video slot game released by NextGen Gaming this year. The game is available to play online in various casinos and of course on the mobile devices. It’s an interesting horse racing themed game, with nice bonuses and well designed symbols and background.

Golden Mane has 5 reels and 10 paylines. It features the story of the horse Golden Mane and its horse friends which appear on the reels as the main symbols. The graphic design is fantastic, and the main symbols have a nice shine and light in the background.

Other important symbols are the mountain, a horseshoe and a golden-leafed tree. The lower value symbols are the popular playing card symbols nine through to ace designed beautifully and displayed in vibrant colours.

The smallest amount to bet is 0.01 to 10, and each bet costs 1.5 coins. The symbol of Golden Mane acts as a wild symbol and substitutes all the other symbols aside from the scatter. Land at least two of the Golden Mane symbols on the reels and you get two coins on a winning payline. Five of these symbols will award the player with 1500 coins.

The horseshoe is the scatter symbol and will only appear on the central three reels. Landing two of them will bring some bonus cash and trigger the free spins feature. The scatter run is available in this slot game and will appear randomly on any spin. They increase the chances of triggering the free spins feature.

The free spins feature add extra wilds to the reels. The first free spin replaces the Golden Mane with a wild. The second spin replaces the black horse with a wild and so on. The mountain and the tree symbols are also replaced in the third and fourth spins. This also happens with the non-playing card or scatter symbol.

This slot game has a house edge of 3.04% and is great for gamblers who love both this type of game, beautiful designs and the horse themes.

New 2017 Slots Fruit vs Candy

Fruit vs Candy is a new video slot game released in January 2017. Designed by Microgaming, the game is found in most major online casinos today. It features 5 reels and 243 paylines, big potential wins and is available to play on desktop and most mobile devices.

The game is very colorful featuring slices of fruit or candy. The game has two modes the players can pick to pick from at the beginning of the game. There is a fruit mode and a candy mode. These modes are separate because they use different main symbols, players being able to play either with fruits or candy. If the player desires, they can change the mode at any time in the game, by clicking the designed button “Play Fruit/Candy”.

Fruit vs Candy symbols are nicely designed and animated. The fruit even look like they are juicy and ready to be eaten. The symbols are pineapple chunks, cherries, kiwi slices, purple raspberry and a slice of orange. The candy look very sweet and come in five types, a chupa-chups red candy, a green gummy bear, yellow and orange candy and one purple kidney bean shaped candy. The colours of the symbols for both modes are similar. Symbols are red, purple, green, yellow and orange. Other symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and A as the lower value symbols. The game’s logo is the wild and can substitute for all the other symbols except for the scatter. The scatter symbols shows the words ‘Free Spins’ written in vibrant colors.

The Sugar Rush feature can be triggered randomly after a non winning spin in the base game. The Sugar Rush gives every high value symbol landed a certain cash price. In the scatter symbol appears in this feature, then the The Free Spins feature is activated. It’s necessary to have three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels to make it happen.

For each mode the Free Spins feature plays differently. In the fruit mode the lower value symbols will be taken away and replaced by new symbols, awarding a certain cash prize. This continues until the low value symbols are not visible on the reels. The Candy mode will display all the high value symbols stacked on a reel. Each reel will turn the single wild symbols into stacked wilds. The two modes have their unique way of keeping the player entertained.

The maximum win on a spin is 2155 times the stake. The game has an RTP of 95,77%.

Forbidden Throne 2017 Slots Review

A new slot game is to be released very soon by Microgaming. It’s the Forbidden Throne fantasy slot game so many gamblers are so looking forward to its release. The game will be available online and on most of the mobile devices.

Forbidden Throne will have five reels with three rows and 40 paylines. It features up to 5 mystical wild reels on every spin, and a free spin round to win big prizes: big win, super win and mega win!

Below is the promo video of the game:

As you can see in the promo video, the game shows on a battle between two teams, the fire and ice. To show this the developers have designed the competing teams to be Ice team: a woman sorcerer (maybe) and her unicorn, and the Fire team: a blond knight and his fiery phoenix. They are fighting to claim the throne in the castle. Each of the wilds has a specific reel they will appear on: the unicorn appears on the first reel, the woman on the second, the castle on the central reel, the knight on the fourth reel and the fifth reel belongs to the phoenix.

All the symbols are very well designed and the Scatter symbols are beautifully animated. There are crowns, helmets, a mysterious tome and an interesting looking orb. Other symbols are colorful and shiny gems.

The free spin level is triggered by landing 3 of the mysterious looking orange orbs, which when matched, they will take the shape of the golden throne and the free spins level will begin. During the free spins there will be no additional multiplier, but the wilds will still appear which is very rare for a fantasy slot game.

This slot game might be one of the best designed game in terms of visual effects and the music that plays in the background. It is a fantastic game that will probably bring competition to the Game of Thrones Slot.

Check back shortly for a full review.